Friday, October 26, 2007

Need to check the speed of your internet connection ?

The following link will estimate the upload and download speed of your internet connection and it is nice to see that I am getting the exact speed that I pay for.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Fedora 7 Installation with a SATA Drive

I tried to install Fedora 7 on a Dell machine with a SATA hard drive and it hangs after initrd just showing "Ready"

Tried both live CD and the DVD but both gave the same problem. Google search shows that the problem is a common one and there are many suggested solutions. I tried few, but this one got it working.
[when the computer has booted from the Fedora 7 DVD and "Welcome to Fedora 7" screen displays.
Press TAB and add edd=skipmbr at the tail of the line.Then it's OK.] link

After installing it successfully I got to know that IU students can install Redhat OS. Another linux installation, but I decided to go for it and it simply handled the SATA and everything is working fine.
IU also have a RHN Satellite update site for RedHat as well.