Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The 31 Places to go in 2010

New York Times has listed Sri Lanka (my home country) as the first place in its recommended list of 31 places to go in the year 2010.

Sri Lanka is the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, but due to the past terrorist activities people lived there in fear. Last year our brave soldiers eliminated the terrorism from our country under the leadership of president Mahinda Rajapaksha, and today the people of Sri Lanka selected the same great president as their president for the coming 6 years. In addition, Sri Lanka was recently promoted as a second world country and listed as an emerging market by the IMF.

Most factors are in place for a better development of our country and hope we will continue to develop as a great nation again!!!

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Changing Weather Patterns

Just watched a news report showing the trouble caused by Snow in many part of the world. Europe, China, and even in India. In China people have died because of the harsh weather.

Although we don't have snow in my home country the weather patterns there have also seem to change. More rain and flooding and sometimes droughts. It seems that the weather patterns have shifted heavily during last few years.

I think it is time for all of us to act fast to prevent global warming.