Friday, February 17, 2006

Free SVN Account at svn dude

I and my partner were thinking of setting up a svn repository for our class project. However setting up a svn was not that possible with the access rights that we have in the university servers. Then we found this CVS dude that allow free svn repositories upto 2MB.

It is a good place for this kind of small projects. Of course if you pay they allow much bigger repositories :)

So here it is


Eugene said...

Hi! Thanks for this link. It helped me a lot, but I think 2Mb unfortunately is not enough to store any project.


Vitalie Lazu said... provides free trac and svn for projects with unlimited disk space, we currently have up to 1gb projects.

Eranga said...

Now they provide 10MB accounts. Thanks a lot macho ;).

Fabian said... offers everything a developer needs FOR FREE:
- svn
- trac
- filesever
- mailing-lists
- much more

Look here: