Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Swine Flu, Sri Lanka and the Media

About three weeks back, most people were stunt by the Swine Flu outbreak and the news related to that. WHO raised the pandemic alert level to 5 calling it a widespread human infection. Most media started educating people, locating epi-center and identifying the patient zero and almost created a widespread panic. We realized this when one of my friend try to find a surgical mask because he planed to travel by plane. We could not find a single surgical mask in most of the pharmacies in Bloomington IN. Thanks to media people have already started preapring for a widespread flu outbreak.

However, after about a week of its start, the media has reduced its weight on the flu outbreak although still the threat is at level 5 according to WHO. Somehow the media has figured out ( or may be instructed) that creating a panic among people does not make any good to the situation.

In my openinon this movement of media is good although they created a big panic at the bigining. They educated people, they provide real infomation, then they regulate themselves and now following up the situation.

Now let's see what is happening in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is fighting with LTTE (a ruthless terrorist organization) for almost 3 decades. Now the democratically elected government has cornered the LTTE into 4 squre killometer piece of land. Although the finishing of the remaining terrorist gang is just a matter of few arial bombardments, Sri Lankan government does not do that because the terrorists is keeping several thousand people as hostages. So currently the governmetn forces are trying to rescue these civilians from the LTTE and conduct a humenatarian mission.

LTTE is a terrorist organization that has roots and connections in many western countries. International weapon dealers, latest colonization experts (Norway), people who think that Sri Lanka is still a colony of UK (Mr. Milliband) and many others try to intervene with this situation.

For most of the media organizations and the human rights group the war is a way of generating income. They need to have incidents to support their pay check. LTTE uses this fact to get as many media organizations and human rights groups into their side, by bribing them.

Sadly, LTTE has taken some of the prominent news agenceis also for a ride by placing insiders in those organizations. For example, this is what the Channel 4 news UK has done few days ago.

They got some video tape of few people talking about hardships in refugee camps in Sri Lanka.
Those people in the video tape does not even show their faces and also there is no video evidance on any of the claims they mention.

Channel 4 news without any investigation aired this tape causing an agitation among international organizations.

Al Jazeera is another media organization that did a similar idiotic broadcasts. Once they showed some photographs taken from a pro LTTE web site claming Sri Lankan forces have shelled a hospital. The photos they showed even had intact glass bottles on tables where they claimed to hit a shell. There were decorative trees in a place where they claim that a shell has hit. I cannot belive that these organizations does not know about shelling and the damage a shell would cause. They just ignore those and trying to create news.

CNN is conducting a poll raising the question "Should The International Community Intervene In Sri Lanka?"

So what does the results of this poll reveal? Don't they know that most people in Sri Lanka (who are the sufferes of the real situation) does not have internet? So most people voting "Yes" for the above questions are LTTE supporters living in western countries. There are some number of people would vote "No" but those are the minority in Western world.

Still I am waiting to see a respectable media report in this issue. The same media acted for the betterment of people in swine flue is now helping terrists to kill more people.


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