Thursday, June 15, 2006

Driving in US

Just started driving in US after about 9 months break! Initially I thought getting used to driving in the "right" side (are we driving in the wrong side back home? ;) ) will be a problem but for my amazement it was not a big issue; mind switched fast. Still turn wiper on for the signals though :)

One interesting thing I noticed in my few weeks of driving experience is the role of "right-of-the-way". Back home we never cross a signal (even it is green for us) without looking both sides, but here people just assume that everybody obeys the rules (I am not certain about this assumption though) I am still scared to think what if some one just cross the signal when it is red. It will end up in multiple collisions as nobody is expecting it.

Anyway, having fun with missing exit points and coming back after a long way, turning around blocks to find roads and driving without touching the horn (it was an essential tool in the vehicle back home); a different experience after all.

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