Saturday, July 01, 2006

A Trip to 19th Century - America

Today we went to the “Corner Prairie” a living museum that resembles the lives of people lived in early 19th century in the central part of the USA. I have never been to a live museum where people actually show the events of the day today life by living that life in the olden days rather than dummies or photos. It was a one day tour and just thought of highlighting few interesting incidents.

A preserved house from mid 19th century.

Getting ready for the independence day ceremony. They are celebrating 60th Independence day in 1837. They have never heard of the new world that we are seen today.

Doing carpentry in old way.

Look at the pots created by this lady at the left most corner.

Parade to celebrate the independence.

Some Interesting Dialogues:

A Villager: What do you study?
Me: Computer Science?
I have never heard about it, may be some complicated subject.
(I forgot that they are in 19th century and no computers at that time)

A Villager: Where are you from?
We: From Sri Lanka
He: Oh, how long did it take to come to America? probably few months?
(By that time no there were no planes and according to them we should have come by sea)

We: What are you going to cook tonight.
The Villager: My brother and father went to hunt something, probably we will have potatoes, peas and some meat.

A Villager: The slavery should be stopped in America.
We: Hope it will end soon.
(Now we also know how to act according to their behavior :))

There are many more incidents that we all remember and never forget during our trip to Corner Prairie and it is truly a history lesson with time traveling.

btw; One our way we saw this as well. (This is the first time I have seen this many Hummers - The photo captures only a few of them on sale)

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